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CCE Cars is Henley-on-Thames' premier private hire service for both your business and personal needs.


We offer a friendly and personal driving experience. With all our drivers trained and DBS checked you can be assured a guarantee of the utmost security and service.

Peace of mind

We have the facility to be able to not only log all instructions and therefore provide a full information trail for you, but also as importantly when jobs are live bookings they are tracked via GPS and this enables CCE Cars to monitor the journey from the moment it has been accepted by the driver to the point at which the journey is completed. This involves the mapping route the driver takes from acceptance; arrival, pick up & drop off time, driving speed and any communication between driver and the CCE Cars operator has for the duration of that journey.

There are four main categories:

City Travel Airports Ports & Stations Bespoke Travel


We know arranging your travel plans involves managing multiple bookings and users. CCE's Portal gives you full control over your account. The ability for you and other validated holders to manage bookings and user admin.

A secure platform to view all your current, past and future bookings. Do you require access to view all your current, past and future bookings? The Portal allows you to have a secure platform to enable you to do this.

Airport Transfers

We want you to have peace of mind, our pick up service is more than just a taxi or mini-cab ride, we want you to relax, knowing everything has been taken care of.

We provide transfers to and from any airport with meet and greet included. We monitor all flight details with real time updates avoiding unnecessary disruption.

With live traffic updates we can manage your journey better to ensure you never miss your flight.

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